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7th-Jun-2009 10:43 am - Why I think Robsten is ON!!
 Kristen & Michael have been over since mid-April. I don't think Nikki Reed & Kristen are BFF's either anymore.  Plus I heard about Nikki's famewhore-ness.  Just like the blonde in Cannes! They wanted their 15 minutes of fame.  She betrayed her BFF Kristen by telling Paps where she was gonna be & tip them off.  She told all the press she was going to Italy to hang out, well she didn't.  
Nikki was also visibly absent from the MTV movie awards!  She would be no friend of mine!  I'll post the Sage & Dills pics where Kristen's uncomfortable-ness is soooo obvious.  She feels guilt, maybe a bit in having an interest in her friends, f-buddy, but the connection between her and Rob is becoming undeniable & she finally gives in.  

The next outing at the Sam Bradley concert Robsten ditched everyone and went together, just the 2 of them.  Those pics are smoldering, all that eye-f-king, then the New Moon Cast party at the Blue Water Cafe, Robsten was on the patio smoking & sitting close to each other most of the night, then went home in the infamous footsie, leg tangling limo ride.  Seriously, a limo that big you have plenty of room for yourself yet you tangle feet with the other person.  Plus, she went home to his hotel that night!  Not hers!,

Then there's Rob's Birthday at Glowbal Grill & Satay where Robsten was the "special" guests that night, then going home in the same car with Rob & his parents to his hotel that night.  

Then the MTV awards night ,obvious connection during the show, then they had dinner at Cecconi's in West Hollywood after that, snuck out the back with police escort to The Charlie Hotel which if you know about that place, it's a romantic place for honeymoons, & romantic rendezvous kinda place,it used to be Charlie Chaplin's house.  It's a converted mansion.  The next morning with her bedhead, & Rob being taken to LAX by Kristen's Mom & Grandpa.  Jules Mann-Stewart(Mom) even touches his hair, there is obvious familiarity there!  Like yeah, this is my daughter's boyfriend.  Cute. They hug.  Rob & Kristen smiling in pics.  Rob is soooo in with the Stewart clan!!  He's been waiting over a year to be with this girl.  I still recall that one interview when he said " Yeah, we'll get married, boyfriend, what boyfriend, who cares!"  Isn't it ironic?  Don't you think? :love:

We're not used to seeing Kristen smiling, but here she is all smiley and happy! Then Kristen wearing a NY yankees shirt the day after Rob left, then wearing his grey t-shirt & Gold rimmed Ray-bans. The signs are all there!  Robsten is so on!  Nikki was just being fake friends with Kristen to get closer to Rob.  But that's all over.  Michael has been seen all over Hollywood in clubs with other women.I guess he supposedly proposed to Kristen that last April Vancouver visit and she said No!  I think his last visit in Vancouver they broke up.  

I think Rob & Kristen's  Karaoke night in Japan was the catalyst to this relationship! Finally, they could spend time together without all the other cast members, granted Taylor was there as well as Hugh Jackman & Baz Luhrman.  Apparently, the Aussies invited Rob to Karaoke.  He goes.  He gets a text from Kristen where are you?  He tells his Aussie buddies if it's ok if they come on over.  Kristen & Taylor join up with  them  them at  the Karaoke Bar, apparently they even sung together!  AAh young love!Yeeyy
5th-Jun-2009 12:23 pm - Thanks for the new layout!
thanks to Shivanie for the new layout!  It was simple enough to do to change it , Even for mOi who is new to LJ!   I can start off pretty slow but once I figure it out!  It's all good!!!
2nd-Jun-2009 09:46 am - ROBSTEN is on!
Ok, folks I know I'm all about Robsten here but me thinks we've finally got some solid or near solid proof here.  Rob & Kristen apparently went to dinner after the MTV Movie awards & then checked into The Charlie Hotel in West Hollywood in their own private chateau emerging at noon the next morning.  Rob's being taken to the airport by Kristen's Grandpa & family, & Kristen's Mom shows up too in the mini-cooper. then Kristen comes out of the hotel room in her sunglasses, they're hiding behind a SUV door talking , Robsten & Mama Stewart!  Yah, like you really involve your entire family taking your "friend" to the airport!  suuuure!  They probably came to take Rob to LAX obviously we've got pics of him there shortly thereafter, & perhaps drop off a vehicle for Kristen to get home in, 'coz she apparently went back into the room after a quick kiss goodbye and caught up with her sleep.  Wonder what was goin' on last night she was all tired????Hmmm, ooops there goes my brain in the gutter! And also, if they we're "just friends" maybe staying at the same hotel.  Why???  Kristen has a condo in L.A., her parents live in L.A., why would she need to stay in a hotel room but for any other reason than to spend more time with her man! Anywhoo!  The article is from X-17 online.   Let me wallow in my ROBSTEN glory!  This is the first time we've seen them photographed together away from an event or party the next morning.  Aside from the Vancouver, limo and hotel shots but I digress........ enjoy!!!

***Rob and Kristen were spotted today morning together with Kristen’s mom and grandfather :)****

******The Twilight co-stars are DEFINITELY off-screen sweethearts as well, as these exclusive pictures confirm. After the awards show, Rob and Kristen headed to Cecconi’s for a bite to eat, and the duo left the trendy eatery around 11pm, and they were followed by a police escort to The Charlie Hotel in West Hollywood (Charlie Chaplin’s old house). The lovebirds booked themselves a private chateau, and we didn’t see them again until noon, when they emerged from their bungalow, looking like they’d both just rolled out of bed!
Our X17 photographer on the scene tells us exclusively:
“Rob was preoccupied with getting all of his stuff in the car and Kristen was hiding behind her sunglasses, looking a little tired, but waiting to say goodbye. Right before Rob got in the SUV, the couple stood together behind the car door and I’m pretty sure there was a brief kiss!”
Rob was whisked away to LAX in a dark SUV, and Kristen retreated to the bungalow, presumably to catch up on sleep.

Rob and Kristen seem to be teasing their fans with this are they or aren't they relationship, but X17online can announce to it's Twilight Fanpires this relationship is FOR REAL!

We know Kristen is supposed to be dating Michael Angarano, & Rob was spotted with Erika Dutra, so what the heck happened? ******

Well, we all know that the whole Erika Dutra(the blonde chic in Cannes) was a whole publicity thing she concocted and sold to the tabloids, she deliberately hung out and introduced herself and they shared smokes and wine in a roomful of people. She admitted it later.  Whatever!  Oregano on the other hand has been M.I.A. since Vancouver in April, he's been seen in L.A. clubbing with the ladies, & shortly after that Robsten was spotted at Sam Bradley's Concert, the cast dinner at the Blue Water Restaurant, smoking and sitting awfully close in the patio, the now infamous leggy limo ride, then Rob's birthday at the Glowbal Grill.   We just need the money shot!  (P.D.A's please!!!!) anything, besides those longing, sex-eyes they constantly give each other!   Let's hope Kristen visits Rob in New York while he's shooting "Remember Me", his drama, love-story for 8 whole weeks!!  
Rob texting Kristen to come outrob and kristen behind suv door

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